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WHat IS obx waKE & tAKE?

OBX Wake & Take is a unique, convenient, and locally made breakfast solution. We provide an option that eliminates having to pile into cars, fight traffic, endure long wait times, AND CRAM INTO OVERCROWDED RESTAURANTS. wE OFFER CATERING SIZE PORTIONS for a delicious, yet casual way TO FEED ANY HUNGRY CROWD on the outer banks. When you order OBX WAke & TAke, you can enjoy your freshly made breakfast anywhere you'd like-- home, office, event site, even on the BEACH! you will instantly become the breakfast hero for:

*Large family groups


*celebratory brunch

*day of/day after wedding

Where is OBX Wake & Take?

We are centrally located at milepost 8 in kill devil hills at the cypress house inn bed & breakfast. We offer curbside pick-up, as well as delivery to a large portion of the outer banks.


Who is OBX WAke & TAke?

Hello! I'm Jaclynn Peters!

I was born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia. Even at a young age, I had a passion for cooking for people. I was made the "Official Family Pancake Maker" at just eight years old. I moved to the Outer Banks years ago to be closer to family, after becoming a mom to my incredible kid, Kayla. In my work life, I gained valuable experience in the hospitality and food service industry, fueling my entrepreneurial dreams of owning my own food business. My parents, Bill and Veda Peters, have started a number of successful businesses, so the entrepreneurial spirit comes naturally. Since 2005, they have owned and operated the Cypress House Inn Bed & Breakfast in Kill Devil Hills. After helping at the inn for a number of years, I finally found my niche with breakfast. With my folks' encouragement (and kitchen!), as well as the support (and patience!) of my daughter, and partner John, I hope to grow OBX Wake & Take into a respected business on the Outer Banks, and a household name in the community. 

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